Limited warranty

Limited warranty policy


      Trials riding puts a lot of abuse on bikes components comparatively to many other types of cycling disciplines. Althought the bike trials specific frames and parts are designed to sustain a great amount of stress from the riding, it's like anything else some parts eventually can break.

      Most frames and parts we offer are covered by a manufacturer's warranty against defect in the material or workmanship. So, if a part breaks within the warranty period (usually 1 year or less from the purchase date at HBtrials), that the part was installed properly and used as intended to, it will therefore be replaced upon failure. It is to be clear that the manufacturers' warranty doesn't cover parts affected by: abusive riding, modifications, unsuitable installation or incorrect use, which means that every warranty cases need to be analysed and dealt with individualy. So, please contact us if you believe that your defective part should be analysed under the manufacturer warranty program and we'll advise you on how to proceed with a defective component.

      Some components are expected to wear out faster then others under normal usage. These components would therefore need to be adjusted or even replaced more often. There is no types of warranty for those components. This includes parts such as: brake pads, grips, tires, brake line or cable, inner tubes, bahsring/bashplates, chains and more.. More over, in most the cases, we will ask you for the defective item to be sent back to us for the purpose of its analysis according to the manufacturers warranty program. In some other cases, only a few detailled pictures will be enough to provide the informations needed for the component analysis.  Unfortunately, we can't provide free shipping for any items sent back to us not more than for the replacement item that you would get if covered by the warranty program. We cover the shipping between the manufacturers and HBtrials, which is more expensive than shipping anything within Canada for example.  So this way, the client, HBtrials and the manufactures, are do their part to provide the best result replacing a found malfunctioning component.


      Components replacement delays

      For all the cases where an item wouldn't be in our inventory and that we would have to reorder it directly from its manufacturer, depending on how far we are from our next importation preseted date from that specific manufacturer, some delays may be something to be expected. But of course, we will always do our best to get you back on your bike as fast as possible.

      As we are always there to help you find the right part that will properly fit your bike at the first time, we don't experience many returns at HBtrials.  If you are not sure about which part to choose on our website, contact us and we'll help you out with the pick of the proper part or item that you need.  However, no matter what we all do, a mistake can always happen!  So, before returning an item, again, please contact us at priory and explain what your component problem might be, as it is often just a small fitting problem that can be solved easily. If we can't solved the issue, we would then ask you to proceed with the return of the product.

      If you have any questions about the manufacturers warranty program or experience any proplems with one or some of your parts bought at HBtrials, please don't hesitate, contact us and we will do everything we can to help you out!