Methods of payment


     PayPal is an online payments service company, founded in 1998, available anywhere in the world and processing transactions for over 100 millions members. The PayPal infrastructure allows users to process monetary transactions using, either: a credit card or directly between bank accounts for example, in a easy and accessible way. PayPal utilizes an advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems creating a safe environment of payments solutions.


     We offer the e-transfer method of payment as an other option.  Simply choose this option to finalize your checkout.  This option will allow you to purchase your orther although your payment will only be transfered electronically to HBtrials Canada afterwards. Once you have processed the checkout all the way through, use our email address to send from your bank account your payment electronically, as well as the password that you would have created for us to unlock your payment.  Completing these 3 steps using the e-transfer will finalize you purchase. 

     *Note that processing the checkout using the e-transfer method of payment, without sending your payment electronically, does not finalize your purchase neither reserve your itmes, as your haven't yet completed the process of purchasing them.  If you have any questions regarding the e-transfer method of payment, please don't hesitate to contact us, it'll be our pleasure to answer you.